Kirkpatrick Raises Record $750,000 in First Five Months

(Tucson) – Ann Kirkpatrick’s campaign announced raising a record $750,000 in its first five months.

The campaign will report $400,000 raised in the fourth quarter of 2017. No House challenger in Arizona history has ever raised $400,000 in an single off-year quarter or $750,000 in the off-year. The campaign will also report $465,000 cash on hand.

The campaign’s record-breaking 2017 haul came from nearly 12,000 donations, 95% of which were under $200, with a median donation of just $10.

“I am humbled by the outpouring of support from thousands of people for our campaign,” said Ann Kirkpatrick. “We’re ready to take back CD2 and help fight back against the reckless Republican agenda taking away health insurance from millions of Americans.”

“With McSally poised to jump into the Senate race this week, Ann Kirkpatrick is in a strong position to win this seat,” said Rodd McLeod, campaign spokesperson. “We know Paul Ryan’s SuperPAC already has millions slotted for CD2 and we’re ready to take on whomever they throw our way.”


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