New Kirkpatrick Ad with Gabby Giffords:  “Progressive Champion” 

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New Kirkpatrick Ad with Gabby Giffords:  “Progressive Champion” 

 (Tucson) – Democrat Ann Kirkpatrick has released her campaign’s fifth TV ad, “Progressive Champion,” highlighting her endorsement by former Congresswoman and leading gun violence prevention advocate Gabby Giffords. The ad also reminds voters of Kirkpatrick’s strong progressive record: her vote forthe Affordable Care Act, her commitment to protecting Social Security and Medicare, and her stance in favor for stronger gun laws.

The ad closes with Giffords affirming that she trusts Kirkpatrick for being someone that fundamentally wants to help others through public service, with a voting record to prove it. The transcript of the ad is below

Voice over:  A progressive champion for Arizona families, Ann Kirkpatrick’s been endorsed by Gabby Giffords.

Gabby praised Ann as someone who’s in office to fundamentally help others and for standing up to special interests to give every Arizonan access to health care. Ann will continue to protect Social Security and Medicare, keeping our promise to seniors. 

And Gabby trusts Ann to stand up to the NRA and fight for stronger gun laws.

Giffords: I trust Ann to fight for Southern Arizona. 

Kirkpatrick: I’m Ann Kirkpatrick and I approve this message. 

After losing the 2010 election because she had the courage to vote for the Affordable Care Act, Kirkpatrick fought her way back. Once re-elected, he voted against Republican efforts to repeal the Act. On guns, Kirkpatrick has co-sponsored legislation to strengthen background checks, prevent guns from getting into the hands of those convicted of domestic violence, and end the ban on gun violence research. The NRA has never given her money, and has consistently endorsed her opponents.

The ad, which can be seen here, will run throughout the Tucson media market on broadcast and cable.

Kirkpatrick was born and raised in rural Arizona. She grew up on an Apache reservation in the White Mountains, and moved to Tucson to get her college education and start her family. She has performed a lifetime of service for Arizona families, working as a prosecutor in the Pima County Attorney’s office, and as a legislator, before serving in Congress. Ann Kirkpatrick has defended women’s reproductive rights in rural areas where families’ health services are often neglected. She has received continued support from women’s groups during her previous time in the House, and has been a key figure in the fight to protect health care funding from the GOP’s dangerous attacks.



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