Kirkpatrick: A letter to Southern Arizona Voters About Negative Campaigning

Dear Voters, A year ago, when we began this campaign to defeat Martha McSally and elect a Congress that would stand up to Trump, I offered my fellow Democrats a positive campaign pledge. I believed that progressives should focus on defeating our GOP opponents and not spend a year tearing each other apart. Most of my opponents agreed, but one did not. The Positive Campaign Pledge was rejected by Matt Heinz, who almost immediately launched negative ads against me last fall, in 2017. Attack ads. An attack website. Ads on Facebook and Twitter. And this summer, he has spent hundreds of thousands of dollars running four negative TV ads against me. These ads distort my record, and in some cases, they're outright lies. Matt, who does not live in our district, also orchestrated a lawsuit to get me off the ballot. He subpoenaed my children. He hired a private investigator to follow me. We defended my record in our campaign fliers, and also pointed out the hypocrisies in Matt's voting record. Some people have complained about the negativity, which I understand. I also believe that I have I right to defend my record of fighting for universal health care, tougher gun laws and a woman's right to choose. There are two weeks left in the primary campaign. We have listened to your thoughts, and we will not send another mailer mentioning any of my opponents. I am focused on delivering my positive vision for Southern Arizona and listening to the issues that concern voters. Feel free to contact our campaign if you have any questions, we are working hard for your vote. Thanks for taking the time to listen, Ann Kirkpatrick

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