Does Lea Marquez Peterson Deny the Science of Climate Change?

October 29, Tucson – Today, the Kirkpatrick campaign starts the final countdown till Nov. 6th. With only eight days left on the trail, voters are still scratching their heads about where Republican Lea Marquez Peterson stands on climate change.  The New York Times outlined the recent United Nations report that says some of the most devastating effects of climate change will happen within our lifetime, as early as 2040. That’s scary.

What’s also scary? How about this:  Republican Lea Marquez Peterson tried to evade the question of climate change during a recent congressional debate. Halfway through a recent debate, Arizona Republic Congressional reporter Ron Hansen asked Lea Marquez Peterson if she accepted the science of climate change and if so, what would she do as a representative to act on that body of knowledge. Lea’s answer, “I think it’s a delicate balance between growing a company and the environmental restrictions that are put in place and not having them overreach, but I think it’s a very delicate balance that must be met.”

Alternatively, Kirkpatrick responded by saying she believes the science of climate change and our country should have done more about this growing threat twenty years ago.

Last year, The Arizona Republic reported that as climate changes, AZ will suffer more than most of the country. The warming projections in Arizona would cause more deaths each year and have a harmful impact on the states economic productions.

“It’s hard to say which would be worse, Marquez Peterson not accepting the scientific fact of climate change or her being too frightened to stand up to Trump and say that she does accept it,” said Kirkpatrick campaign spokeswoman Abigail O’Brien. “Southern Arizona deserves a representative who will address environmental threats proactively as facts, instead of wringing her hands about business ‘restrictions.’ Ann Kirkpatrick understands the scientific reality that human activity has changed our climate  and she will work in Congress to protect the health and safety of our community and our environment.”



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