Supporting our Military and their Families

Southern Arizona is home to the A-10 Squadron, the only plane in the U.S. Military capable of providing close-air support to our troops on the ground. The A-10 protects our troops when they are in combat. That’s why Ann has long been an advocate of protecting the A-10 program and strongly supported former Rep. Ron Barber’s successful 2014 effort to save the A-10’s funding.

Ann believes we need protect the A-10 program until we develop a reliable replacement. She also supports investing in the next generation of military technology to defend our nation and ensure the safety of our troops – and that new technology should be based here in Southern Arizona at Davis-Monthan Air Force Base and Fort Huachuca Army Base.

Those who serve our country put themselves in harm’s way to defend us all. Ann knows we have an obligation to ensure their families have good jobs, secure housing, access to an affordable education and the health care they deserve. She will continue to fight in Congress to fulfill our obligations to those who serve and the ones who love them.

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