Protecting Our Natural Resources

As the home of the Grand Canyon, Monument Valley, the Sonoran Desert and so much beautifully preserved wilderness, Arizona offers its residents a special connection to our environment. It is our duty to protect and preserve these places for our children and for generations to come. Arizona’s natural resources are also key economic engines – particularly in rural areas – and bring much-needed jobs to our state.

Ann is committed to protecting our natural heritage. She worked to bring government agencies, local officials, conservationists and other public and private stakeholders to the table to finalize the Four Forest Restoration Initiative, which will protect Arizona’s treasured forest and create jobs.

Ann believes we must fight global climate change and reduce our carbon footprint before it is too late. She strongly supports developing a wide range of alternative energy sources in Arizona to create 21st-century jobs and free America from its dependence on foreign oil.

However, Ann has fought against the federal government’s harmful approach to Arizona’s land and water issues. Regulations drafted by bureaucrats who fail to understand our state would cost thousands of Arizonans their jobs, devastating rural and tribal communities. Instead, Ann believes the federal government must work in conjunction with local communities to protect Arizona jobs today and position our state to grow and thrive.

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