Investing in Education

Today, Arizona’s children are competing for jobs with the entire world – so they need a world-class education to prepare them for the 21st century economy.

As a mother who sent her children to Arizona’s public schools and former teacher, Ann knows we must do more to recruit, train and retain high-quality teachers in our state – particularly in rural communities. And, just as important, we must put our teachers and students in a position to succeed by properly funding classrooms, training programs and other essential needs.

Skyrocketing tuition has become a greater and greater burden on recent college graduates. This is holding back our economy and hurting the next generation of Arizonans. Ann is dedicated to reining in the cost of tuition and relieving the burden of student debt on Arizona families.

Ann is also fighting back against government policies that hurt students and their families. She supports restoring funding for Arizona’s public universities, which have seen their budgets dismantled in recent years. Ann has fought against repeated attempts to cut Pell Grants, which play an important role in making the dream of a college degree a reality for thousands of Arizonans. She also supports free community college.

A quality education is the birthright of every child, but our education system is failing our families. Our economy is changing, and so are the tools and training needed to succeed. More American’s must have access to affordable post-high school education choices, including four-year college, community college, and certificate programs, that train them for today’s jobs. Ann is committed to making the American education system the envy of the world by ensuring every child receives the education he or she deserves.

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