Immigration and Border Security

Arizona has suffered for far too long from the failure of our leaders in Washington to fix our broken immigration system. Unfortunately, too many politicians are content to exploit this issue for political gain.

Ann has consistently supported tough, fair and comprehensive immigration reform. She joins with Arizona’s business owners, educators, farmers, ranchers, and so many others in supporting comprehensive immigration reform that secures our border, keeps families together and addresses the needs of Arizona’s economy.

As a former prosecutor, Ann has a long record of working to ensure border agents and law enforcement officials have the resources they need to combat cartels and traffickers. She worked to pass a $600 million border security package and successfully opposed cuts to federal funding that relieved the burden of border enforcement on Arizona.

And Ann has been a consistent advocate for the DREAM Act, which offers a chance at the American dream to undocumented young people who were brought to this country as children and are now working hard, playing by the rules and helping to strengthen our communities. She supports policies that keep families together and rejects the Trump Administration’s agenda of building a wall and targeting productive working people for deportation.

Ann has heard from countless Arizonans that addressing our broken immigration system is critical to Arizona’s economic future. Ann joins families across our state in calling for immigration reform that will keep families together, stimulate our economy and ensure border communities are safe and secure.

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