Honoring Our Veterans

For years, Ann has kept a quote on her desk in Congress that was given to her by a veteran. It reads: “Because they have already paid the price, fight for veterans with all your might.”

Ann has a record of unfailing support for veterans’ benefits and veterans’ programs that assist with job placement, health care and education.

She has worked tirelessly to ensure that veterans get the care they have earned. Her bipartisan legislation, VA CORE, was signed into law to help reduce the VA claims backlog that has affected thousands of veterans across the nation.

Ann was the first member of Congress to bring the allegations about the devastating scheduling practices at the Phoenix VA to the Inspector General, prompting an investigation of VA facilities nationwide. In the wake of that scandal, Ann served on the bipartisan House-Senate conference committee that crafted the most significant VA reform bill in years.

The heroic sacrifices of our servicemen and women must be honored not only while they are serving in uniform but also long after they have returned home. This is a principle that Ann holds deeply — and she will continue to fight for our veterans each and every day.

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