Fiscal Responsibility

Growing up in the White Mountains, Ann learned the value of a dollar from her father, who ran the general store. Those lessons stayed with her as she worked her way through college and law school and when she ran her own business.

But too many politicians in Washington are addicted to spending – putting new programs, pet projects and even military action overseas on the credit card with no plan to pay it off. And when the bill comes due, the American people are left with extreme choices between more debt and shutting down the government.

Governing from crisis to crisis, pushing problems off on future generations – that’s not how Ann’s father ran his store, and that’s not how we should run our country. Ann knows firsthand that the political fights in Washington are devastating to businesses here in Arizona. That’s why she believes that Congress should include “pay-for” measures in all spending bills, instead of kicking the can to the next generation.

There are hard choices to make, and Arizona deserves leaders who can face these choices, work together and find solutions – just as families and businesses do every day.

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