Ensuring Health Care for All Americans

Ann believes in universal health care to ensure that all Americans have insurance so that they can get high-quality, affordable health care.

Ann’s proudest vote in Congress was for the Affordable Care Act. She believes no one should have to make life-and-death medical decisions based on money. Although that vote cost her an election in 2010, she knew it was the right thing to do and will continue to fight reckless Republican efforts to repeal the ACA. The ACA has led to a large drop in Arizona’s and the country’s rate of uninsured people, allowing hundreds of thousands of Arizonans to get health insurance for the first time. It has ended abuses such as people being denied the coverage they’ve long paid for at the unfortunate time that they are diagnosed with cancer or other life-threatening diseases. The Act has also led to a huge decrease in uncompensated care by Arizona’s hospitals, which are now fiscally stronger. Our entire public health system has been strengthened, which is one reason that Arizona’s health sector has grown into the one of the strongest sectors of our economy.

As a mother whose daughter experienced complications with the birth of her son, Ann knows how devastating it can be for a family with an unexpected medical problem. The anxiety of managing serious threats to a loved one’s health is only compounded by the bills that come along with them. Thankfully, Ann’s grandson is happy and healthy, and her daughter had health insurance to support the effort to care for her newborn. But too many families still lack coverage.

Ann supports expanding the eligibility for individuals to buy into Medicare and believes it’s time for a public option, especially in counties where there is only one health insurance option available over the exchanges. Finally, she believes we must give Medicare the power to negotiate drug prices to reduce costs for our seniors.

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