Why doesn’t Lea Marquez Peterson support a woman’s right to choose?

November 02, Tucson – Today, our campaign countdown reaches Day 4 and we ask Trump-Republican Lea Marquez Peterson, why doesn’t she support a woman’s right to choose?

Lea Marquez Peterson is endorsed by the National Right to Life. During a recent congressional debate Kirkpatrick spoke of her support for a woman’s right to choose, but Marquez Peterson did not mention her position at all.

“With the nomination of Brett Kavanaugh it has never been more important to elect leaders who believe medical decisions are best left between a woman and her doctor,” said Kirkpatrick spokeswoman Abigail O’Brien. “Not only does Marquez Peterson want to give Congress and politicians the right to make medical and reproductive decisions for women, but she has been unwilling to explain her thoughts about this critical issue.”


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