Why Does Lea Marquez Peterson Support the Trump Agenda?

November 05, Tucson – Today, the Kirkpatrick campaign asks the final question for Trump-Republican Marquez Peterson just one day before polls close: why does Marquez Peterson support the Trump agenda?

During an interview on Women Rule podcast, Marquez Peterson said she “separates the man from the policy” when asked about her support for the Trump administration. Marquez Peterson said, “I mean, there are certainly things he has said that I’ve not agreed with related to women and so on. But if I focus on the policy and things that I can actually impact, that’s where I take my stand.” Marquez Peterson said she has been “blessed” to work with the Trump administration on various “policy discussions”.

Here’s the problem with that logic, the man implements the policy.

“Marquez Peterson doesn’t want to fully connect herself to the divisive Trump rhetoric but she sure loves his divisive policies,” said campaign spokeswoman Abigail O’Brien. “Trump policies: Separating children from their parents and locking them in cages. Throwing millions of Americans off of their health coverage and denying protections to people with pre-existing conditions. An executive order banning people from Muslim countries from entering the U.S., or tax cuts for billionaires and corporations. And the continued policy promise, building a wall between our neighbor,” said Abigail O’Brien. “The list goes on. The man is racist and the policies are racist, you can’t separate those two.”

Marquez Peterson has been outspoken with her support for President Trump’s agenda and she has gone on air defending the divisive rhetoric too.


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