Where does Lea Marquez Peterson stand on school vouchers?

November 04, Tucson – Today, the Kirkpatrick campaign poses Question Two to Trump-Republicans Lea Marquez Peterson: where does Lea Marquez Peterson actually stand on school vouchers?

In a 2016 interview with Tucson Weekly, reporter Jim Nintzel sat down with Lea Marquez Peterson to talk Zona Politics. Marquez Peterson said she supported “School Choice” and expanding eligibility for school vouchers. The Donald Trump-Betsy DeVos education agenda of expanding school vouchers takes money away from public schools and gives them to private schools.

“Where does Marquez Peterson stand on school vouchers? She has completely shied away from speaking up on this issue. The Red for Ed movement that happened in Arizona reinforced the need for some drastic changes to our education system. Arizona families feel passionate that we need to refocus and allocate more resources for our schools,” said Kirkpatrick campaign spokeswoman Abigail O’Brien. “This is a huge issue in our state and voters deserve to know where Marquez Peterson stands on school vouchers.”



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