Marquez Peterson Repeatedly Lied to the IRS

October 15, Tucson – In tax documents filed with the IRS, Tucson Hispanic Chamber of Commerce President Lea Marquez Peterson falsely asserted that there is no “family relationship” between her and her brother, who served as an officer of the organization when she was hired for the top spot.

Question 2 of Part VI of the form asks, “Did any officer, director, trustee or key employee have a family relationship or a business relationship with any other officer, director, trustee or key employee?”

In both years, Marquez Peterson’s organization answered the question ‘NO.’

As reported in The Arizona Daily Star on November 3, 2009, Edmund Marquez was both a “2009-2010 officer” of the group and a “past Chairman” when the Board of Directors on which Edmund Marquez served “named Lea Marquez Peterson as its president and CEO.”

“It’s one thing to get hired for a high-paying job by your brother—it’s another thing to lie about it,” said Abigail O’Brien, of Ann Kirkpatrick’s campaign for Congress. “Marquez Peterson ran her business into the ground in 2005, leaving behind more than $3 million in unpaid bills. Now we find out that she made false statements in documents submitted to the IRS.

“Marquez Peterson owes the people of Southern Arizona an explanation for both of these failures.”


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