Does Lea Marquez Peterson Still Believe That Raising the Minimum Wage Caused ‘Devastating Impact’?

October 31, Tucson – Today, our campaign countdown poses Question Seven to Trump-Republican Lea Marquez Peterson. In 2016, Marquez Peterson told the Arizona Daily Star that raising our minimum wage from $8.50 per hour to $12 per hour over a period of five years would cause a ‘devastating impact’ to our economy. But voters ignored her doom-and-gloom scenario and raised the wage anyway. Since then, Arizona’s economy has improved, jobs have grown, and economic fortunes in the Tucson region have improved.

So, does Lea Marquez Peterson still believe that raising the minimum wage caused ‘devastating impact’? Or was she simply saying what the greedy Koch Brothers told her to say when they picked her to run their anti-minimum wage campaign in Arizona?

“It’s disappointing to watch Marquez Peterson put the profits of a bunch of billionaires over the needs of families in her own community,” said Kirkpatrick campaign spokeswoman Abigail O’Brien. “Southern Arizona families deserve to be paid a fair wage for their hard work, but Marquez Peterson fought against our families and sided with Charles and David Koch. She even went so far as suing to overturn the voters’ decision to raise the minimum wage. Her lawsuit failed, of course. Since that time, she has not been honest enough to give voters a straight answer: does she still believe that raising wages hurt Southern Arizona’s economy or not?”


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