Does Lea Marquez Peterson still believe DREAMers should not have a pathway to citizenship?

November 01, Tucson – Today, our campaign countdown reaches Day 5 and we ask Trump-Republican Lea Marquez Peterson, does she still reject the idea of a pathway to citizenship for DREAMers?

In a recent debate, Republican Lea Marquez Peterson rejected the idea that Dreamers should be granted a pathway to citizenshipShe also stated that the U.S. should implement a merit-based system in order to become an American citizen.

“Just like Trump with his empty promises to help DREAMers, Marquez Peterson’s refusal to support a pathway to citizenship proves she is wrong for Southern Arizona,” said campaign spokeswoman Abigail O’Brien. “DREAMers grew up here, study here, work here, pay taxes here and are part of the community.

“Just yesterday, Trump tweeted an explicitly racist, fear-mongering campaign ad that reinforces his approach to immigration and the divisive rhetoric he uses. Marquez Peterson should denounce the ad and Trump’s divisive campaign tactics. Instead, Marquez Peterson has followed his fear-mongering talking points throughout her entire campaign. Southern Arizona needs a leader on immigration–not a follower of the Trump agenda.”

As reported by ABC Local News, Arizona has around 25,620 people protected under Deferred Action for Childhood Arrivals (DACA) otherwise known as DREAMers, which is nearly 4% of immigrants nationwide.


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