Congressional Republicans spent the entirety of 2017 trying to repeal the Affordable Care Act. Our own representative, Martha McSally, voted to repeal it each time it came up for a vote. Each effort was made strictly along partisan lines, with no expert input and almost no hearings or healthy debate required by legislation of such […]

Contact: (Tucson) — With Martha McSally’s exit from Arizona’s 2nd Congressional District race, Ann Kirkpatrick continues to show momentum. Kirkpatrick announced a record-breaking fundraising off-year, bringing in $750,000 from 12,000 donations–with a median donation of just $10–more than any U.S. House challenger in Arizona history. Kirkpatrick has also won the support of many important […]

(Tucson) – Ann Kirkpatrick’s campaign announced raising a record $750,000 in its first five months. The campaign will report $400,000 raised in the fourth quarter of 2017. No House challenger in Arizona history has ever raised $400,000 in an single off-year quarter or $750,000 in the off-year. The campaign will also report $465,000 cash on […]

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